Monday, September 29, 2014

Belgrade Aquaski Ada Cable park

I'm visiting very often in Serbia, but now first time I was also wakeboarding there. I knew they have cable park in Belgrade and now I also visited there.
Cable is quite near of airport and it's easy to get there by car. I didn't check any other possibilities, but I think it's possible to reach cable park also by bus from center of the city... but car rental is not very expensive in Serbia.
Aquaski Ada Ciganlija cable park is situated to lake Ada, what is long and thin lake... more like a river. Place is nice with many beach restaurants, cafes and clubs along the beach boulevard. I was visiting there end of the summer and it wasn't so hot anymore, but mostly weather is hot during summer.
Only kicker which was in order! Opposite side of the lake is nudist beach, unfortunately it was too cold and it was empty.))
Cable is built 2002 and mechanically little bit old fashion, loading and unloading ropes happen manually, there are 5 pylons, which are not the highest in the market. Anyway cable works normally and there is lot of space to make air tricks. Yes! Lot of space to make air tricks, because there is minimum amount obstacles.
Normally there are right and left kickers (without radius) and 2 sliders. When I was there, right kicker and one slider were out of order. So there were left kicker and then about 5 meters long flat-bar!! )))
Anyway it was really fun to ride. This park could be perfect, if they would invest to some obstacles.
Anyway there was this one slider!

Nudist beach just background! Well totally empty))). So not necessary to fall down and walk back to starting dock via that beach!
Walking back to the starting dock is easy by concrete path.
Local riders are riding by hard boards and mostly with fins and of course some guys are quite good in air tricks. Their pro-rider (really nice young man) Filip Velickovic was doing easily KGB's, bs313, back mobes, front to blind etc... They just told, when they go to the other parks, big obstacles are strange for them.))

When I arrived, I thought these are boards which are in the queue!))
I visited there in the beginning of September and there were not many riders. So no queue!!
When I arrived, I was scared for boards, which were near of starting dock, in many places this is the queue!! In Aquaski they are just storing customer's boards like that.))

Facilities are in order around the park. Free parking places, small locker rooms, toilets, showers etc... Food in the restaurant is amazing good like everywhere in Serbia! Same with people, very friendly and hospitable!!
View from upper terrace is nice! In the picture you can see also the right kicker, which was pulled away and facing to wrong direction.
Weekend prices:
1€ = 118 Dinars (29.9.2014)
How to find there?

More information you can find also from their web page:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tesla Test Drive

Do you know what is Tesla?
I knew, this kind of car exists, but I hadn't seen, touch, hear or smell it…
…actually you can’t hear motor or smell exhaust, this car presents only whisper of the wind or smell of leather interior... some cases smell of burning tires.))
Tesla Model S
I have not lot of experience of different cars, but must to say this test drive was really great experience!
The price of Tesla is more than 100 000€ in Finland, so there must be some features and performance, but this car made a hit!
Firstly car looks good, just right way restrained, it doesn't look too much a sport-car.

There is space for 5 persons and lot of space under rear door and bonnet.
There is no engine in front and no fuel tank rear limiting space.
How to start?
Stylish remote control

Tesla has key-less system, so you just open locks by remote control and door handles pop up, by remote control you can also open sunroof and many other things.

When you sit in the car and remote control is in your pocket you just push brake pedal and car is on, it's amazing because you don't hear starting motor or anything, it's just simple on.
Then you choose "gear" by selector (American way) from right side of steering wheel.
Just R, N and D
Then you just push the pedal (I wouldn't call it gas pedal))) and car start to move without any delays, it follows exactly your pedal with full power without any voice from motor. This is the biggest difference compared to normal cars!
Performance of car is amazing! It accelerates 0-100km/h (0-60mph) little bit over 4 seconds and torsion is unbelievable! Traction control avoid tire burning during acceleration, it was wet asphalt when I was testing the car and I felt tires were slipping a bit during strong acceleration (before traction control avoid it). Just great way!!!
Driving itself is really comfortable and like by normal automatic transmission car; without motor voice, gear changing and delays in accelerations.
There is really big touch screen display in the middle panel, where you can control and follow everything. 

Display can be shared to different parts (graphics of your driving, maps, info of batteries etc...)
...for example cameras are excellent.
The most powerful model of Tesla Model S has 416hp (310kW), torque 600Nm and top speed 210km/h. By fully charged batteries range is about 500km, then just plugged over night and enjoying continues next day.))
Usage of car is cheap! Of course there is not fuel consumption, but also services are cheaper, there are not e.g. oil and filter changes!))) Tesla guarantee batteries with unlimited kilometers for 8 years.
In Finland government supports leased Tesla by 500€/month until 2017!!!!

Okay Tesla is a great car, but price at least in Finland is unavailable for most of us!((
So if you want to protect nature environment and reduce your carbon footprint you don't have to buy Tesla just use public transports!

Thanks for chance of test drive: Mertsi Friberg and Kiinteistömaailma Tampere and Hervanta!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Extreme festival in Saint Petersburg

Extreme festival conquered the Palace Square of SPb on Saturday 28th of June.
There were featured some extreme and street culture genres.
I focused to skateboarding, freestyle motocross, graffiti artists and break-dancers.
Maybe it was good for sponsors of happening, there were lot of people, ...but too many people (my point of view) to view well everything.....
It was quite hot and sunny day, what is nowadays very strange in SPb.)))
There were built quite a nice park for skateboarders including fun-boxes, ramps, launch-box, pyramid etc...
Some pics:
Nice stale-fish from launch ramp!
Huge backside 3 with melon grab

In Russia security and control are everywhere!)))
Can you find "skateboard happening masked" secret agents from picture? ))))
OMOH troops were presented as well.
Freestyle motocross:
They made normal back-flips etc... but this was amazing!!
Graffiti artists:
Palace Square background probably inspired artists
Break dancers:
Dancers and music were so good that I couldn't focus on photo shooting. They were amazing!!!

Friday, June 27, 2014

South Beach Wake Hämeenlinna Finland

I had a plan to travel by car from Tampere to Helsinki. Why wouldn't stop midway also to ride a bit? Board bag I have always with me!))
South Beach Wake was opened end of May 2014, so it has worked now about one month. They have Wakestation 2.0 cable and some obstacles.
Link to their page (Finnish only):
Park is beside of highway Helsinki-Tampere (100 km to north from Helsinki) and it's even possible to see from highway. Place is ideal!! So if you're moving around; stop to ride, watch, drink coffee, meet nice cable-entrepreneur or all these (like I did)!!

At the moment they have one left side kicker, slider box and pipe. All obstacles are good and working well, just nice to train basic things.
Current obstacles... (Highway Helsinki - Tampere is just behind of those trees.
Some basic slides
Normal good kicker
Cable is tight, good pop and enough space to make air-tricks even after  obstacles
 Facilities are in order:
Locker rooms, SUP boards and rental stuff
Cafe, ice-cream, soft drinks and some snacks.
Possible to pay by cash, credit cards and all kind of Finnish sport e-passes, mobile phones etc...
Here are some maps how to find the place:

Go there and keep riding!!))

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

One midsummer day in Saint Petersburg

Weekends I have had habit to sleep really long and then schlep to the cable. This Saturday I woke up already 10 am))), meaning was to check some cultural things.
Also we bought week ago a new car... it's car for Anya and she needs training to be my driver)), so meaning was also to drive around and get practice of driving.))

...Well the first lunch in Little Italy restaurant. Vera joined to our cultural program.

We started from Mihailovsky Gardens, there was exhibition of environmental arts.

Then we continued to Konyushenaya Square and Van Gogh Alive, the globally-acclaimed SENSORY4™ multimedia experience.

I needed little bit rest after heavy cultural dose and took a nap at home, then late evening I tried to get some sport culture, but my home cable Sun Park had some technical problems and didn't work. (I was quite disappointed!!) Cable works normally until 23:00, because of white nights.
Well Saturday wasn't lost yet, our friend Kirill Karnov invited us to Igora.
Igora is ski resort about 50km to north from SPb, having nowadays also reverse cable... because we needed some training in driving, we decided to go there even that it was already 23:00.
Then after arriving and sitting for a while in legendary 360 Bar, I still took my ride in the cable, even that it was already about 00:30!! During summer we have not night at all and it's possible to make whatever without artificial lights.
00:30 at night!
Driving back to city and home about 4:00am!
Cool Saturday yeah! ...on Sunday I slept again long))

Thursday, June 5, 2014

My older son is already 18!!

03.06.1996 I got my first son! It's really difficult to believe that it's already 18 years ago!
Time runs so fast!
Aapo my older son wanted to spend his 18 years birthday with me, I'm quite proud that he wanted it with daddy. Only his hope was that let's go to somewhere abroad.
After all we went to Turkey, because it's so easy to get there and I've been there wakeboarding so many times that I know what we can get.
Anyway this time unlike the other times I booked 5 stars hotel with all inclusive that we could have really fun.
Already when we arrived to hotel Aapo got adults wristband, it was noticed from passport in reception.))
Here are some pictures from Birthday:
Day started walking on the beach. My second son Jimi (on the right) joined to this trip as well.
Then we went to Hip-Notics to take some runs in cable wakepark...
...then nice dinner in one A'la carte restaurants of hotel....
...okay there were not 18 candles, but anyway...
...then some chicks...
...foam party...
...foam party and chicks....
Trip continues! Now with adult son!